DEMAPP - Demanding Applications Program

Program manager:
Markku Heino, Spinverse Oy

Schedule: 2009-2014
Size: ca. 35 M€


Modern industrial applications set high requirements for the materials performance and lifetime. Direct costs of material failures, replacements of component parts, increased work and time, loss of productivity as well as indirect losses of energy and increased environmental burden are real problems in everyday business. In catastrophic failures, there is also the risk of human losses.

DEMAPP program develops novel breakthrough materials with improved performance for applications in demanding operational and service environments. The program participants include 29 companies in the metals and engineering industry, their supplier and customer companies as well as 11 high-level research groups in the field. International activities include both research cooperation with foreign universities and partner companies. The common target is to provide high performance materials and processing solutions enabling competitive applications and product differentiation to renew Finnish metals, engineering and energy related industry. Key emphasis is put on material and energy efficiency, sustainable life-cycle performance and safety aspects.

The program consists of five main research themes:

  • P1. Wear resistant materials and solutions
    Understanding wear mechanisms in several wear environments and synergy effects of wear/corrosion/fatigue to develop novel, highly wear resistant steels and coatings
  • P2. New corrosion resistant materials and solutions
    Advanced Ni-free ferritic & Mn-alloyed low Ni austenitic & duplex stainless steels with optimal combination of corrosion, welding, formability and strength properties for exhaust systems & other severe corrosive conditions
  • P3. Extreme service conditions
    Effective material solutions for specified extreme service or operational conditions e.g. high temperatures, severe thermal shock and heavy cyclic loading
  • P4. Friction and energy (Started1.6.2010)
    New material and technical solutions to save energy and increase product lifetime in dynamic loading conditions by controlling friction and minimizing wear
  • P5. Production technologies for demanding applications (Stared 1.6.2010)
    Feasible, cost effective, energy efficient production techniques and new material solutions for the components in wear, corrosion or  extreme conditions providing affordable life-time costs, including recyclability, environmental friendliness and non-toxicity

The DEMAPP program will provide competitive environmentally sustainable solutions for the Finnish process, engineering and energy industry leading to better performance in service conditions, by creating novel high-performance materials resistant to high abrasive wear, different corrosive environments, extreme temperatures and heavy cyclic loading. The common research problems are set by clear application needs defined by the industry partners. The scientific research in turn creates profound understanding through consistent experimental and modelling work. These together will result in unique multidisciplinary competence and form the basis of a recognized world-class R&D community capable for need-based materials tailoring and effective implementation of results.






Program is active: