FIMECC Prize is donated by Konecranes Plc. It is explosion-proof crane end carriage wheel made from solid brass.

What is FIMECC Prize?

FIMECC Prize is an annual prize given to the best FIMECC act. Last four years the competition has been about the best result in our programs. The winner is voted in FIMECC's annual seminar by the audience.

FIMECC Prize winners
2015 Uber of the seas (REBUS)
  Åbo Akademi
  • Magnus Gustafsson
  • Anastasia Tsvetkova
  • Tomi Nokelainen
  • Magnus Hellström
  • Kim Wikström
  Learn more on press release, FIMECC Newsletter, result video and its press release.
2014 Higher material efficiency in iron making - More sustainability in steel making (ELEMET)

Åbo Akademi

  • Timo Paananen, SSAB
  • Olli Mattila, SSAB
  • Jarmo Söderman

2013 Zero Power Sensor Network (EFFIMA)
  • Nadine Pesonen, VTT (in the pic.)
  • Jinsong Song, VTT (in the pic.)
  • Ville Viikari, VTT
  • Ilkka Marttila, VTT
  • Kaj Nummila, VTT
  • Heikki Seppä, VTT

The presentation of this result can be found here (end of the page).

2012 Understanding and controlling delayed cracking of low-nickel austenitic stainless steels (LIGHT)
  • Juho Talonen, Outokumpu (middle in the pic.)
  • Suvi Papula, Aalto
  • Risto Ilola, Aalto
  • Hannu Hänninen, Aalto

The short description can be read here and related press release here.

2011 With gesture controll farewell to buttons (UXUS)
  • Matti Nurminen, Fastems (in the pic.)
  • Markku Turunen, TaU
  • Pertti Saariluoma, JU
  • Mika Käki, Idean
  Related video and material links here.
2010 Digital microhydraulics - solenoid-actuated micro valve concepts (EFFIMA)
  • Tapio Lantela, Aalto
  • Maarit Juhola, TUT
  • Matti Karvonen, TUT
  • Matti Linjama, TUT (middle in the pic.)
  • Lasse Söderlund, TUT
  Read also related press release and animation.
2009 FIMECC act: Significant work done for EFFIMA program's launch
  • Ismo Vessonen, VTT (on left)
  • Jukka Ylijoki, Metso (on right)