Innovations & Network

Program manager: Matti Nallikari, Arctech Helsinki Shipyard

Schedule: 2009-2014
Size: ca. 48 M€

Final report:
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The basic idea of Innovations and Network programme is to develop new innovations, methods, business models and processes through basic research and industrial innovations. The goal is to create a business environment, where product design is based on concurrent engineering, open innovation and utilization of a global development and production networks. In all, attached services and an efficiently integrated innovation process would enable revolutionary engineering of new attractive clean and green products.

The programme highlights all the necessary development in terms of increasing the capabilities of innovation in network, methods for this, novel solutions in products and production including newest high-tech solutions from other technologies such as environmentally green, novel safety technologies, nanotechnology and ICT.

The programme also strongly analyses and researches the methodology of changed business logics i.e. including services into the traditional delivery business and what are the new networks and business models that are formed.

The competence management in the changing global economical environment becomes crucial. We already know that a notable amount of employees in the Finnish technology industries will retire in the coming years. How to maintain the world-class knowledge which has enabled the Finnish industry to be on the leading position is one of the main questions to be discussed.

The programme consists of 10 work-packages each containing a set of related tasks:

  • Product platform management strategies, processes and tools
  • Platform solutions
  • Design Process and Tools
  • Production processes and methods
  • Innovations in flexible networks
  • Project Business and services
  • Novel innovations in solutions
  • Design drive
  • Competence management
  • Towards safe and clean and green Maritime Technology

The objective of the whole programme is to arouse the Finnish industry into a technological, productivity and knowledge leap by:

  • Breakthrough concept for project based industries by integrating innovative networks in future product platforms
  • Global leadership by joint execution of network strategies in developing new innovative products, processes and services
  • Development of attractive tailor-made solutions based on customer needs and applying widely the product platform approach
  • Being the market leader in applying new environmentally friendly and safe solutions in production and in operation
  • Being able to make prototype products with the costs of series production





Program is active: