The Transcendent Productivity of FIMECC


Q: What is FIMECC?

We’re in the business of creating speed, speed and speed, to create innovations and productivity. FIMECC is on top of the digital revolution in the marine, metals, minerals processing, and mechanical engineering industries, which we call altogether manufacturing industries. FIMECC is an absolutely key equation for Finland.

FIMECC is the core of the most productive R & D & I cooperation in Finland. FIMECC’s successes have already made it a benchmark in the field of manufacturing innovations in Europe – further European cooperation is both promoted and expected. FIMECC’s potential is huge. We now form 10 percent of the potential of Finland’s export industry. That could be much more.

Our work hugely increases the speed of production.  More and more manufacturing breakthroughs are created, heurekas productized. All this means what we call transcendent productivity – for the companies involved it translates into sharply increased profitability. FIMECC is an engine of economic prosperity.

In a nutshell: we explode productivity through the roof with speed. Our motto: Ever faster .

Q: How does FIMECC do it?

FIMECC speeds up the process from ideas to manufactured products to an unprecedented velocity. We make that happen by bringing together the best innovating, engineering, manufacturing, and scientific expertise. That combined competence facilitated by FIMECC is a unique resource and opportunity for Finland. An extremely competitive competence cluster.

Let me elaborate. We turn ideas into radical innovations and innovations into intelligent products, faster. What is that, then? With our help better ships are built, and faster. Ships are filled and unloaded faster. More efficient machines are created, faster. Faster, automated manufacturing systems make machines produce to the limit of time: hour, day, week, month and year. All year.

Q: How can FIMECC be so small?

The only small things about FIMECC are costs and administration. We bring together already over 2000 top professionals. They create a potential for productivity we have to call transcendent since the numerical factors are so through the roof.

Q: Why haven’t I heard about FIMECC?

Most people haven’t, but that’s about to change. In the manufacturing business we’re already extremely well known. Now is the time for decision makers and public attention to realize our potential. Both in Finland and elsewhere in Europe.

Q: Why does FIMECC matter?

FIMECC’s contribution to Finland’s economy both directly and indirectly is already highly significant and can grow to game-changing levels. FIMECC’s superb, transcendent productivity as we like to say, means an increasing number of high-value jobs and uniquely revitalized competitiveness.

FIMECC is the recipe with which Finnish exports are able to explode into the volumes and profits that we desperately need. In short – with adequate input FIMECC can grow from important to crucial. From crucial to savior of the Finnish economy, even. Big words but supported by facts and numbers. Enough to talk about transcendent productivity.

Q: What are the facts behind this transcendent productivity?

FIMECC creates an annual productivity potential already in the billions. This potential consists of a trinity of productivity: We create new. We heighten efficiency. We find savings, with which to create new again. Speed is the key to innovations and productivity, in almost every way.

We turn the financial input entrusted to us into a productivity potential with an efficiency factor of more than 20. That is, the input times 20+. With the present 70 million euros we create about 1,5 billion euros worth of added value, spoken in terms of productivity potential.

Now, while it’s obvious that the number is not exact, it’s still close enough. However, it is the satisfaction of the companies taking part in FIMECC that’s the best proof of our value. We are seen as the vehicle of productivity that we are. How do we know? Simple: the companies want to be involved and benefit from the productivity we create. They also see our potential for growth.

Simply imagine our efficiency factor applied with a larger input. Or a much larger input. Then we are really talking of numbers with a crucial national potential. Or European potential.

Q: What will FIMECC do next?

We need to get through that message of our potential. When it does, we can transform our potential into reality. We are talking about a complex organism when we’re talking about FIMECC. At the same time it’s really simple: we offer a real chance for prosperity in Finland. That is what needs to be known. Next. Now.