UXUS - User Experience and Usability in Complex Systems

Program manager: Maaria Nuutinen
Contact: maaria.nuutinen(at)
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Schedule: 2010-2015
Size: total 17,5 M€

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FIMECC Research Programme User Experience & Usability in complex Systems (UXUS) supports future knowledge creation and creates new interaction concepts and innovative practices in developing the user and customer experience excellence. The overall target of the programme is to increase the competitiveness of Finnish metals and engineering industry (MEI) by radically renewing practices. The practices are renewed by developing and implementing new design and collaboration methods that produce personalized user/customer experiences – and challenge the present ‘mindset’. The new R&D practises will broaden the design focus from mere products to personalised user/customer experiences in complex systems. Targeted user experience will be a strategic business decision. The potential of users and customers as co-creators and innovators will be fully utilised. Targeted user experience will also be the design driver for new interaction concepts and tools. The central research challenges are to create extensive understanding of user and customer experience in complex systems and how to realize user and customer experience orientation in the companies’ design and collaboration practices in innovation networks.

The products of Finnish leading metals and engineering industry represent already high usability. There are unused potentials in deeper understanding of users and customers and utilizing the understanding to benefit of business targets and increasingly also societal targets. This requires, however, significant leap in both research knowledge and companies’ practises. The central novelty value of the proposed research is making user/customer experiences a competitive advantage for MEI. It introduces more open, human- and service centred approaches to the traditional product driven MEI business culture. The research is multi-disciplinary and creates new, internationally unique, knowledge and competence on user and customer experience as psychosocial phenomena and a business factor, as well as ways to tackle it by interaction technologies, design, collaboration and innovation methods and practices particularly, but not exclusively, in the B-to-B context. The results can be exploited also by other industries.

The programme consists of four work packages (WPs). WP1 creates the integrated theoretical multi-disciplinary framework of user and customer experience, which will be tested in the case studies in the other WPs. The case studies will utilize the framework and create knowledge on the characteristics of user and customer experience in complex systems for further development of the framework. WP1 also explores user experience as a business factor. WP1 also acts as an integrator of the knowledge and a facilitator of the collaboration between the programme participants. Thus it builds up the UX competence network also for future purposes. WP2 includes development of customer and user driven innovation methods and practises that facilitate a living dialogue with producers and customers/users throughout the entire product/service life cycle. Furthermore, in WP2 the human-centred design approach will be broadened from product-driven focus to holistic customer solutions with products, services and systems. WP3 challenges current technology driven user interaction design approaches and takes user experience and productiveness as design drivers to develop radically new user interaction concepts and tools that improve user experience and productiveness. The impacts of the programme are evaluated in WP4.



UXUS publication - A glimpse of user experience for B2B industry

UXUS julkaisu: Käyttäjäkokemuksesta kilpailuvaltti B2B-teollisuudelle

UXUS julkaisu nro 1 (pdf)
UXUS julkaisu nro 2
UXUS julkaisu nro 3 - Teollisuuden tutkimusmatka UX-maailmaan (pdf)







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