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  • Product Design Gala 2014


  • SHOK-Summit


    This is third time when SHOK Summit gathers different industry segments' influencers and innovators together to discuss common challenges and opportunities. At the summit you have also an excellent opportunity to learn about the concrete results achieved within six different SHOKs in one place! The program includes high-level keynotes both from industry and academia. See more below what is coming in May.

    Keynote speakers

    • ”How to make research more beneficial for the industry – Case Spitzenclusters in Germany”, Günter Korder, CEO, It’sOWL GmbH, Germany
    • ”Strategic innovation program – Cross-border collaboration for renewal”, Marie Wall, Director, VINNOVA, Sweden
    • “Slim by design – Mindless eating solutions for everyday life”, Professor Brian Wansink, Cornell University, Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management, NY, USA
    • ”Need for Speed – Transforming the software intensive industry for new digital economy”, Janne Järvinen, Director, F-Secure

    Industrial panel discussion – SHOKs change the cultural environment

    • Raimo Vuopionperä, Director, Oy Ericsson Ab
    • Kaija Pehu-Lehtonen, Senior Vice President, Business Development, Metsä Group
    • Aino Takala, Vice President, Business Development, Orion Diagnostica Oy
    • Ilari Aho, Director, Uponor Oy
    • Ilari Kallio, Vice President, R&D, Ship Power 4-stroke, Wärtsilä Finland Oy
    • Facilitator: Tomas Hedenborg, Group CEO, Fastems Group

    Result seminar

  • FIMECC 7th Annual seminar goes to Alihankinta-messut


    This year FIMECC's annual seminar will be held on September 17th at International Industrial Subcontracting Fair (Alihankinta-messut) in Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre. The theme for Subcontracting Fairs is this year mechanical engineering and FIMECC is partner for the theme.

    FIMECC annual seminar day will include lots of results from FIMECC programs. During the seminar day it is also great opportunity to visit the biggest industrial fair in Finland. More information about the annual seminar coming later.

    Read more about the Subcontracting fairs here

    Read press release: Toistasataa yritystä on jonossa kansainvälisille Alihankinta-messuille - TAMPERE NOUSEE ESILLE KONEENRAKENNUKSEN PIILAAKSONA

    Uutuutena messuilla on Alihankinta-kolumni, joka herättää ajankohtaisia ajatuksia Suomen teollisuudesta ja taloudesta. Noin kerran kuukaudessa ilmestyvän kolumnin kirjoittajina vierailee alan asiantuntijoita ja teollisuuden vaikuttajia. Kunnian historian ensimmäiseksi kolumnistiksi sai FIMECC Oy:n Harri KulmalaLue Alihankinta-kolumnia täältä.

  • Manufacturing Perfomance Days 2015

    8.6.2015 to 10.6.2015

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